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Weekly Update September 1st 2011

September 01, 2011

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An Update on the FDA's 'attack' on Dietary Supplements...

Recently I posted an article here about 'Is this the beginning of the end for supplements?' It included a copy of a comprehensive article by Byron Richards. A number of customers have since asked for an update. There is little news to report in this area at the moment, but I can say that it is having a galvanising effect on the industry and there is going to be a significant 'fight' ahead.


GM Cows and now GM Pigs?

In my last blog (Genetically Modified Human Cow's Milk?) we saw how Chinese geneticists modified 300 dairy cows so they can produce "human" breast milk. Little did I know that their Japanese counterparts were doing something similar with pigs!


Middle Aged Men At More Risk Of Infertility?

It's been well established that as men age, the quality of their semen tends to drop. Like all cells in the body, sperm cells are no different and over time the body can produce less and more ineffective sperm


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