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Same Health Benefits, New Names

Two of our popular supplements, Viral-Protec and Cholest-Natural are changing to new names: Viral-Protec becomes Immu-Stay; and Cholest-Natural becomes Lipi-Rite. We want to assure you that it's only the names that are changing. The quality manufacturing process, the ingredients and most importantly the benefits for your health remain exactly the same. Read more...

Taking Omega-3 Fish Oil May Lower the Risk of Postpartum Depression for Pregnant Women

Women are most vulnerable to depression during their childbearing years and the birth of a child can trigger an episode of Postpartum Depression (PPD, also known as Postnatal Depression). A recent study, published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, suggests increasing the intake of Omega-3 Fatty Acids during and after pregnancy, may help to reduce the risk of Postpartum Depression in vulnerable women. Omega-3 levels decrease during pregnancy and remain lowered for weeks following the birth of the child, which can result in a higher risk of PPD. Read more...

Promotions to Say Thank You

We are right on track for an official opening of our new Global Headquarters to be held in April 2013. It will be a huge milestone in Xtend-Life's history. To thank our loyal customers from all over the world for their incredible support, we are starting two promotions. The first promotion will offer you a chance to win the grand prize of free return flights for two to Christchurch, New Zealand from any part of the world to participate in the Global Headquarters opening ceremony plus a free accommodation in Christchurch for a week. The second promotion is a series of monthly prize draws with two winners each month. Every time you place an order while the promotion is running you will get a chance to win the price of this order back. While every customer has a chance to win in these promotions, our loyal customers will have a greater chance to win. Read more...

Health Highlights: Why Women Need Testosterone too

Testosterone, also known as the male hormone has always been associated with manhood, potency, power, bodybuilding, fitness training and supplementation for muscle growth. The majority of people might think there isn't anything new here, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Testosterone is made naturally by women too (albeit in much smaller doses compared to men), so women also need to be aware of its benefits. Here are a series of health highlights as to why women should also show interest in testosterone. Read more...

Recovery from alcohol abuse

Anyone recovering from long term alcohol abuse needs a steady source of vital nutrients supporting general health as well as those organs and systems that are most affected. A solid foundation for this can be put together with a product from out Total Balance range, an Omega 3 fish oil product, and Kiwi-Klenz. While this in itself will provide an exceptionally strong combination, specific needs may also need to be catered for with one or more of our specialty supplements. Read more...

Holiday Shipping

To guarantee delivery by 25 December 2012, packages need to be shipped on these dates:
* USA, Canada, UK and other European countries, Asia/Pacific: 3rd December (NZ time) / December 2 (US time)
* Australia: 10th December
* All other countries: 30th November

Changes to the Blog and newsletters

A little over a month ago I mentioned in a blog entry 'A Voyage' that the blog posts from myself (and others) would be somewhat irregular for the next few months whilst I sail my boat to Thailand from New Zealand. Unfortunately I lost some time due to running into a storm between NZ and New Caledonia which has necessitated about three weeks of repairs. Read more...


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